Golden Tee Games

Play Golden Tee Games at Diamond Hawk Golf Course

Diamond Hawk Golf Course and Pub now offers Golden Tee arcade games. Add some fun to your next golfing outing when you visit our bar by taking a spin on our Golden Tee Golf machine!

What is Golden Tee: A Short History

Chances are, the term Golden Tee Golf conjures memories of the arcades and bars of your youth. Since the late ’80s, Golden Tee has been a popular staple in pubs all across the country. It was invented in 1989 by Larry Hodgson, a man who loved to golf but was hopelessly bad at the game. He wondered if a golf simulator could improve his game or at least give him the same thrill of being on the course. 

With the help of his colleague Jim Zielenski, Hodgson’s brainchild came to life. Now, the game is as common in sports bars as dartboards and flat-screen TVs. Playing the game is a beer-drenched pastime, and many still seek the game for a touch of nostalgia and a good time.

As the game evolved into the 21st century, the introduction of Wi-Fi allowed for the invention of Golden Tee Live, where players can compete against other Golden Tee lovers from across the globe.

Today, the game is a favorite for hardcore golfers and casual arcade dwellers alike, with thousands of locations across the country. Whether you’re a Golden Tee veteran or new to the game, Diamond Hawk Golf Course is proud to give you the opportunity to play this legendary game!

Golden Tee Golf Screenshot

What Makes Golden Tee So Fun?

The Golden Tee arcade game is addictive and with good reason. Here are just a few of the features that make it a fun-filled phenomenon. 

You Can Play Unique and Imaginative Courses

Golf your way around the globe without leaving Buffalo, NY! Whether it’s in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or at the summit of Mount Everest, Golden Tee lets you choose from a range of thrilling locations. Putt your way through a winery in Italy or take a two-second trip to Africa and play on a safari. Maybe, after you make par in the Serengeti, you can jet to Hawaii and play in paradise. Golden Tee is famous for its unrealistic but exhilarating courses. Stop by Diamond Hawk Golf Course in Buffalo, NY and find your ideal course today!

You Can Customize Your Golfer

When you play the game, you have complete control over the style and look of your golfer. You can make them look like you or style them like Tiger Woods. If you have a couple of drinks in you, you can unleash your wild side and craft the wackiest outfit imaginable by picking from a massive range of hats, shoes, pants, shirts, and accessories. But wait, it gets even better! You also have access to a range of club sets and golf balls. Once you finish building your golfer, choose one of the iconic courses to tee off.

You Can Up Your Game With the Shot Indicator

The shot indicator, or overhead layout map, has been a fixture of Golden Tee since the original game debuted in 1989. This simple graphic shows players where they are aiming and acts as a reference point for club distance. Newer game models take this feature even further. The feature has been updated to take weather into account. Now, the shot indicator can adjust your game – even in the rain!

The Best Place to Play Golden Tee Golf in Buffalo, NY

If you’re in Buffalo looking to play the game, you can put a stop to your search. When it comes to Golden Tee Golf, there is no venue or Buffalo golf course better than Diamond Hawk. Don’t waste your time driving around downtown searching for a bar with arcade games.

At Diamond Hawk Golf Course, a game of Golden Tee is simply the icing on the cake! We are Western New York’s premier golfing destination with a scenic and manicured 18-hole course, lively bar, and delicious restaurant. We even have a banquet facility and outdoor patio for large parties.

When Buffalo locals and out-of-towners think of Diamond Hawk, they think of country club quality available to all. We are located off of Genesee St. by Buffalo airport, meaning we are right in the center of Buffalo, NY. Our easy-to-find location also makes us a popular choice for Western New Yorkers outside Buffalo. Gather a group of friends and visit us today!

How to Swing on Golden Tee

Golden Tee’s notorious directional arrows and trackball are icons in bars and taverns worldwide. They make the game both controllable and challenging. If you’re new to the game, the nuances of the trackball are the first skill you should master. Before you can master this rolling art form, you have to understand the basics.

Swinging Woods and Irons

To make a backswing, roll the trackball beneath your palm or with your thumbs until your character is coiled. To release the swing, use your palm or thumb to spin the trackball forward.

How to Putt

Putting is half the game! To putt, roll the trackball back, which will move your character’s putter fully back. As always, aim for the hole and account for the green’s break, which you will be able to observe in the shot indicator. Aim slightly left for right-breaking putts and slightly right for left-breaking putts.
Roll the trackball forward with your palm to commit to your putt.

Enjoy the Game in Buffalo, NY

Your search for Golden Tee locations ends here. When the question is, “where can I find Golden Tee near me?” The answer is always Diamond Hawk Golf Course!