Solar Eclipse at Diamond Hawk

The solar eclipse of 2024 is a rare, awesome occurrence that will leave us all in awe. As the moon passes between Earth and the Sun, it will completely block out the Sun’s light, creating an eerie darkness that will be both thrilling and humbling.

Join us at Diamond Hawk Golf Course & Pub and let’s experience this together! Diamond Hawk, located right by the Buffalo Airport, offers a beautiful indoor bar / restaurant with outstanding window views, a fabulous patio with outdoor bar and plenty of open space that overlooks the picturesque view of the golf course and offers the perfect viewing location for the eclipse. We can all hang out indoors and then head out for the eclipse if the weather isn’t perfect and, if it is, it’ll be the best outdoor setting around for this wonderful occasion!


We have FREE SOLAR ECLIPSE EYEGLASSES for all golfers before 3:00 and for all walk-in bar / restaurant guests while supplies last.

Enjoy great food and drink specials.

You can reserve tables at or just stop on by.

Feel free to bring lawn chairs.

Diamond Hawk is always open to the public and all are welcome. See you at The Hawk!