OKtoBEERfest: Sam Adam’s Stein Hoisting Contest w/ Dave Viterna Group

OktoBEERfest at Diamond Hawk Golf & Pub

MUSIC by DAVE VITERNA GROUP – Get ready for a power blues & rock trio with soul!  C’mon out for a little partyin’, dancin’ and an awesome band!


Think you can hoist a full liter stein longer than anyone else?  Samuel Adams Raise the Stein stein hoisting competition is coming to Diamond Hawk to search for a winner who can hold the stein the longest. We use the term “winner” loosely because those who drop out first get to drink the beer sooner. Lederhosen not required, but strongly recommended.

winner will win a Sam Adams Ceramic Stein

Sign up for the contest now at diamondhawkgolf.com/samadams

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